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Why Choose Jumping Jack Taxes

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Once you become an entrepreneur, you truly get to see things through a different pair of lenses. Most people who you associate with, including your family, will not understand your decision for wanting to leave your corporate job to start building your own wealth. You soon begin to realize that the people closest to you will NOT be your biggest supporters. Your focus becomes marketing to complete strangers and the first thing they ask is, "Why should I support you?"

Truthfully that is a valid question since there are tax professionals on every corner, especially in the minority community. Everywhere you turn you will see one of those big name companies getting rich off of a community that is unaware of the power and wealth they hold. After a few moments of pondering, I realized there is no real difference in the concept of tax preparation no matter where you go. A certified professional (hopefully) is going through your finances to see if you owe taxes or if the IRS owes you. They'll tell you how much of YOUR money they can get back for you, collect their fee then move on to the next customer; never caring what happens next or sharing knowledge beyond providing numbers.

Then it hit me! It's not the actual act of doing taxes that sets me apart from the rest, it is my values.

Transparency - Being honest and upfront about the process and fees associated with filing your taxes. Nearly $500 of my hard earned money was going to fees associated with filing my taxes and I never had a clue.

Commitment - Our partners are committed to providing the best client experience by listening to your needs so we can maximize your return and minimize mistakes.

Education - If we don't know better, how can we do better. It's our duty to ensure we provide tools and tips about building wealth. Understanding how your money can work for you will help you on your journey to financial freedom.

All Jumping Jack Tax Partners (350 and counting) share the same values. Our goal is to build financial wealth in the minority communities we come from. The proof is in the pudding! CEO and Executive Partner of Jumping Jack Tax gives you insight on the values our company holds and our plans of pouring into our communities one city at a time.

So the real question is, "Why not choose Jumping Jack Taxes?"

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